This site is welcoming those who are interested in, or have already involved in, the communication with your community people and healthcare professionals for improving various health related issues in your community.

We hope this site has been providing a useful information to strengthen cooperation with your community people and healthcare professionals by introducing examples of what the community people can/should do and what the healthcare professionals can/should do, both of which can make your community people’s daily life healthier physically, mentally and socially.

For this purpose, let us introduce the concept of “People-centered Care (PCC) ”and indispensable Partnership between Community members and Healthcare professionals .

What is People-centered Care (PCC)?

People-Centered Care (PCC) is “Citizens(People)-led, collaborative effort with healthcare professionals to address individual or community health issues”.

The central concept of People-Centered Care is the partnership between community members and healthcare professionals.

This partnership includes the eight elements of “Understanding each other” “Trusting each other” “Respecting each other” “Using each other’s strengthts” “Taking on each other’s roles” “Overcoming problems together” “ Shared decision making,” and “Learning together”.



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